2017 wrap-up and review

Fuzzy Ink Stationery 2017 wrap-up and review
This blog went live on 3 January 2017 and it’s been an incredible 360 days since. I have learned so much and I want to thank you for being a part of it.
First of all, I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years. So I thought this would be something that I’d get right from the outset. But life rarely works out that way, does it?

The sailing was not so smooth

How many of you remember my first few newsletters? I started out with a banner and lots of images.
Fuzzy Ink Stationery First Newsletter Banner
First Newsletter Banner
Then there was the one issue of the Ink Spot Gazette. All because I wanted to create a newspaper. Just like the one my brother and I had made when we were kids.
Fuzzy Ink Stationery Ink Spot Gazette Banner
There was only one issue of the Ink Spot Gazette
I went silent after that failure! I was stressing every newsletter about the number of unsubscribes. Because I knew that my message wasn’t right and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

I usually don’t like surprises

In August, I checked my email list for the first time in months. It was at almost 1,000 subscribers. Oh. My. Goodness. That knocked my socks off. After that, I knew that I could make this work. I needed that step back to see I’d gone about this the wrong way. It wasn’t about promoting a sleek big business. After all, that’s not me. I’m just a genealogist and storyteller sharing her journey and resources.
So I started creating again. And sharing it with you. I changed the newsletter format to be what it should have been all along. An email from me to you talking about my genealogy and storytelling journey. And inviting you to share your stories with me (which I love to read so keep sending them!).

What’s ahead for 2018

My goal is to continue to build a toolbox of genealogy and storytelling resources. This will continue to done in five ways:
  • Free resources (like the blog and items available in the resource library)
  • Templates and printables available for sale via Etsy
  • Tutorials and tips via the resource library, blog posts and Facebook Live
  • Updates and shareables via Instagram and Facebook
  • Email challenges and mini-courses to help you tell your story. Look out for announcements in the newsletters.
Therefore I want to wrap up with a big thank you to everyone. Whether you downloaded a resource, sent me feedback or just read the blog. Thank you.

Don’t forget to write

Now it’s your turn. I love to hear about what made your 2017 great? Or not so great? And do you have any goals for 2018?
Drop me a note in the comments below or send an email to hello@fuzzyinkstationery.com.


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