Sometimes life happens

    Sometimes life happens Fuzy Ink Stationery back April 1

    Hey there! This is a quick note to acknowledge that I’ve dropped the ball on this project recently. Sometimes life happens and all plans go straight out the window. Well, that’s been my March. I hope that yours has been a lot better!

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been delivering on the promised content but hang tight. Starting 1 April the well-oiled Fuzzy Ink machine will be operational and “the usual” is back on the menu.

    It’s been a while so in case you have forgotten what “the usual” is:

    • New blog posts are published every Tuesday and Friday
    • Facebook updates are daily (Monday to Friday) and include new products, sneak peeks and other fun things happening around the Fuzzy Ink office
    • Newsletters hit your inbox on the first and third Saturday of every month
    • New items are released on Etsy every Thursday

    I’d love to hear how has March been for you? Drop me an update in the comments and let me know what’s been going on.



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