All-in-one Genealogy Worksheet Free Download

All-In-One Individual Worksheet FREE DOWNLOAD

Are you looking for a genealogy worksheet that lets you capture a lot more information during your research? Voilà! The All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet Free Download. A great document for new or experienced researchers. Whether it’s your first tree, you are undergoing a genealogy reboot or tidying up existing research. It’s easy to update, create a PDF and share with other researchers.

I use this for all my family history research. I was frustrated by the free worksheets available because they didn’t capture enough. They are great for the basics but I wanted something that helped me stay on track and could double as a checklist. Something I could staple to my ancestors file and take with me wherever I went. A quick snapshot of their lives. It had to be digital so I could create a PDF and add to my digital files and database.

It’s available as a Word Template with click and type fields or a blank PDF – whatever makes the most sense for you in your research. Both are available in either A4 or 8.5×11″ (US) for those in North America.

There is also a cheat sheet which should answer any questions and get you started using the All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet. You will need Microsoft Word 2007 (or a later version) to open the template file.

Preview of All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet Free Download

Worksheet page one Worksheet page two Worksheet page three


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All-in-one Genealogy Worksheet Free Download



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