Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hi there, I’m Prudence. I’m a quirky creative who is passionate about helping other people tell their stories.

Welcome to Fuzzy Ink Stationery, it’s great to have you here.

A brief history

Let me start off by telling you that I was a bit of a strange kid because that’s where this adventure began. I loved escaping into other worlds. Through books and my own imagination. I had ambitions to be the sixth member of The Famous Five. Or Penny Parker’s sidekick. Or even Trixie Belden’s new mystery solving neighbour. I wasn’t too particular, I wanted to be solving mysteries and having adventures.

For 3 years my brothers and I went to school at home via distance education, which meant that we had a lot of free time. With our school work completed, we had the rest of the day to indulge our imaginations. And indulge we did. We “published” a newspaper courtesy of our older sister’s portable typewriter. Then we wrote and performed a play for our parents (it doesn’t get more off-Broadway than that!). Our books became a library complete with ‘date due’ slips and cards. Oh, how I loved that date stamp. We would have solved mysteries if only we could have found some!

Quite a few years and many jobs later I’ve reignited my passion for indulging my imagination. No, I haven’t managed to join a team of mystery-solving teenagers. Instead, I’ve embraced my love of making things with paper. But instead of writing articles about our cat, I’m creating templates to help you tell your story.

What I’m doing here

This site (and my online store) are to share my love of templates and printables. These items will help you to create DIY stationery gifts that come from the heart. I would love to see what unique and heartfelt items you create for your family and friends. That might be a bookmark, a party invitation, a greeting card or a family history. Keepsakes that document the marvelous moments of your life. You know the saying that a picture is worth one thousand words? That definitely applies here. Head to my blog, to Etsy or look below see some examples of my tips and tricks, templates and printables.

The toolkit

The idea is to use software that you most likely already have installed on your computer.

  • Templates will use Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint and Word)
  • Printables will be in PDF files (Acrobat Reader or similar)
  • Suggested fonts will always be free to download

Keep an eye out for tips and tricks to get the most out of this software to create keepsakes that you will want to share.

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you

Phew, you’ve made it this far so let’s get started! Welcome to the adventure.

Where can you go from here?

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  • Are you a fan of Facebook? Join me there for regular updates and to share your creations.
  • Read the blog. From 1 April, I will be adding new content twice weekly (and I won’t even need my sister’s typewriter this time!).
  • Get in touch, I love correspondence! Leave comments on the posts or over on Facebook. Or send me an email or owl post. I would love to hear your feedback and see some of your creations. After all, creativity is limited only by your imagination.